ALBANY, NY – New York Gov. David Paterson has signed legislation authorizing the City of Buffalo to install cameras at 50 intersections to catch red-light runners. 

The program is expected to bring in $3 million in annual revenues to Buffalo, the Buffalo News reported. City officials have sought the cameras for several years. 

Supporters cite studies showing the cameras lead to a drop in front-to-side impacts known as T-boning, which have relatively high injury rates. Insurance Institute for Highway Safety research also found that cameras reduce the running of red lights by 40 percent and T-boning accidents by 32 percent. 

Opponents of the red-light cameras, however, argue that other studies show a sharp rise in rear-end collisions caused by drivers stopping suddenly to prevent their cars from being photographed in the intersection with a red light. Critics also call the move a money grab by Buffalo and the other localities in New York -- Rochester, Yonkers, Long Island -- getting the new red-light camera programs, the Buffalo News reported. 

Cameras will be installed mostly at the busiest city intersections. The infraction will cost $50.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet