BUNNELL, FL – Flagler County will get two new ambulances for less than $290,000, according to The News-Journal. Despite County Commissioner Allen Peterson's concern the 8-year old vehicles are being replaced too soon with 150,000 and 166,000 miles on them, the ambulances' critical function requires they operate properly during a transport, according to The Journal.

County Administrator Craig Coffey said multiple factors are involved when deciding when a unit must be replaced. Officials consider the vehicle's mileage and the number and types of repairs they've had to make to it, Coffey said.

Another consideration is how much the technology of the medical equipment inside has changed since the vehicle was purchased. They must be sure their equipment "stays modern" to best help locals when they need it, said Nate McCollum, emergency services director.

The units replaced will be used as "spares" should other units break down or need routine maintenance, McCollum said. However, that isn't always the case, depending on the terms of any grants local officials might be using to pay for the purchases, he said.

Two other ambulance units currently used as spares will become surplus and be sold after the new units are moved into the working rotation, according to McCollum.