DRAPER, UTAH - Flexpoint Sensor Systems, Inc. recently received a follow-up purchase order to their announced contract with Intertek Industrial Corp. Intertek has incorporated the Bend Sensor technology into their Protek Passenger Awareness System which was featured at the EMS (Emergency Medical Services) EXPO in Las Vegas in October 2008.

The “smart” passenger safety system is installed in the seats of the rear compartment of Emergency Vehicles and provides the driver with constant feed back as to the “seated and secured” status of personnel in the rear of the vehicle. The system is currently in use in emergency vehicles in the US and is being tested in applications for other types of emergency vehicles. It is currently being installed in ambulances and is being tested in fire truck applications.

“This second order is a follow-up to our previously announced initial order and is just the beginning of the inroads we have made into this niche market. The product is currently installed in about 20 emergency vehicles with deliveries of an additional 30 units under the second purchase order scheduled to begin in early March. The company has realized and will continue to realize revenues under these contracts. Each vehicle system features a control unit, four sensors and a display unit, all designed and manufactured by Flexpoint. It is expected our market for ambulances alone will reach approximately 1,000 per year. There is potential for additional annual volumes in other types of emergency vehicles as well. We are most excited that this is just one of many products which are receiving significant interest in the current marketplace,” stated Clark Mower, President of Flexpoint Sensor Systems.