DOYLESTOWN, PA - Twenty-five employees from Bucks County, who were assigned take-home vehicles last year, will have to pay taxes for the benefit, according to Bucks County Courier Times.

The taxes on the perk will average about $2,175 per person, according to data compiled by the controller.

The controller's office used a formula, which took into account the type of vehicle driven and the length of the employee's commute, to put a dollar value on the non-cash benefit. The costs range from $685 to $4,089, income they will now need to declare when filing 2008 taxes.

For most of them, however, this will be not only the first, but also the last time they take a financial hit for driving a county vehicle. Starting this year, just six of them will retain the benefit, reported the Bucks County Courier Times.

Sheriff's deputies, detectives in the District Attorney's Office, park rangers and others fulfilling a law enforcement role do not have to pay for the benefit.

Commissioners in December adopted recommendations made by asset manager Pete McElroy that included taking cars away from 18 employees. Chief operating officer Dave Sanko, who drives a county car on county business and home to Harrisburg on weekends, was not addressed in the report, but at least two commissioners have said Sanko will lose the perk this year.

Commissioner Charley Martin said the procedures will be available to the public as soon as two commissioners sign off on them.

Commission Diane Marseglia said she will not agree to the procedures unless they are adopted during a public meeting.