Intended to help fleets achieve the full potential of telematics technology, Chevin Fleet Solutions has recently launched a new product dubbed MilePost.

This newly integrated capability marries Chevin’s flexible web-based enterprise fleet management information system, FleetWave with any third-party telematics system.

The result of this integration a wealth of in-depth real-time fleet operating data that can be leveraged to provide true insight into fleet operations, generating significant operational and financial benefits.

For example, fleet operators can save both time and money by using imported vehicle tracking data from FleetWave to gain "live" vehicle mileage data for driver trip expenses and business mileage claims.

As FleetWave is a true enterprise-wide solution, this data can be instantly accessed by associated departments such as workshops, finance or even payroll.

Additionally, MilePost provides fleets accurate monitoring of business mileage, fuel usage and even individual MPG analysis which is crucial in these times of record-breaking fuel costs.

 To further streamline process, FleetWave goes the extra step by automating workflow and eliminating administrative time dedicated to tracking and recording vehicle usage, reducing costs and streamlining business processes even further.”

Chevin’s Vice President of North American Sales Ron Katz commented: “Chevin has developed MilePost in response to customer demand, allowing for any third-party vehicle tracking product to be easily interfaced with FleetWave.

As increasing numbers of our clients are using telematics systems, they appreciate the benefits that these products can have for their operation, but they also understand that to realize a telematics solutions full potential, these systems need to be integrated with an enterprise fleet solution such as FleetWave.

This real-time data is now directly available within FleetWave, giving the fleet manager global visibility over every aspect of a diverse vehicle fleet, not just the GPS and location data currently available through conventional tracking systems.”

Chevin Fleet Solutions is a global provider of dedicated fleet management solutions. Chevin developed the world’s first true web-based fleet management system, FleetWave in 2000, as well as pioneering revolutionary touch screen and bar-coding systems to make fleet and workshop operations simpler and more controllable.

Meanwhile the Chevin continues to market its class-leading ‘desk-top’ RoadBASE package, aimed at small to mid-sized fleets.

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