AMSTERDAM, NY– Mohawk’s weight gauge (a scale on the lift itself) is now available for all Mohawk two-post lifts from 7,000 to 30,000 lb. capacities.

The weight gauge serves many purposes within a shop, including:

· The weight gauge is a diagnostic tool. Should customers complain of poor mileage or short brake pad life, knowing the actual weight of the vehicle will assist techs.

· The weight gauge will show no weight when the tech is properly using the lift and lowering the vehicle on to the lift’s mechanical safety locks.

· To assist in selling better brakes, heavier duty brakes, or tires with higher load ratings, customers with work trucks or SUVs can be shown actual weight to justify higher dollar parts installations.

· The weight gauge will verify that the lift is not being overloaded.

For more information, visit, or call Mohawk Lifts at (800) 833-2006.