LENEXA, KS – John Deere announced two new utility tractor product lines, the 5 Series and 6D Series, aimed at government maintenance fleets, commercial operators, and agriculture and ranch applications.

 5D, 5E, 5E Limited, 5M Series Utility Tractors

The new 5 Series is “the most complete line of utility tractors” John Deere has ever offered, according to Rex Edmunds, division marketing manager, John Deere Augusta. Ranging from 45 to 105 horsepower, the product line are “designed to perform any application, with any implement, within any budget to meet the needs of any customer in the utility tractor market,” according to John Deere materials.

“Low on the frills and price,” the 5D and 5E series feature a range of horsepower from 45 to 75. The 5D Series is offered in a 2WD axle, while the 5E offers 2WD or mechanical-front-wheel-drive (MFWD) configurations. The open station tractors feature synchronized transmissions and easy-to-reach, color-coded controls.

The more powerful 5E Limited Series, ranging in horsepower from 83 to 101, offers more deluxe standard features, including a cab, John Deere’s PowerReverser transmission, wet traction clutch, and MFWD axle.

The higher-end 5M Series feature new transmissions, increased lift capabilities, greater stability for large implements, and a new operator environment for increased comfort and productivity. Additional features includes a cab, wet clutch design, 2WD and MFWD, more hydraulic flow and capacity, and a durable frame designed for loaders. The 5M tractors offer a horsepower range of 65 to 105.

“All 5 Series tractors can be matched up with an array of implements offered by John Deere and Frontier Equipment,” said Edmunds.

6D Series Utility Tractors

Building on the John Deere 6003 Series tractors, the new 6D Series provides more features and economical value, according to the manufacturer.