RIDGEWOOD, NJ –  As part of the Propane Education and Research Council (PERC) event —Ken Smith Motors, Inc. will make its ultimate bi-fuel hybrid propane conversion system viewable to the public as Bergen County will start to utilize the system, according to www.USACOPS.com.

“Ken Smith Motors has found that if its customers drive green, they will save green,” said Adam Mularczyk, CEO & general manager. A perfect example is the Bergen County Police Department. The new Ford Crown Victoria police cruiser is the first vehicle in the county’s fleet to run on propane and we expect that the county will see great results in terms of efficiency.

“Our hope is that additional fleet owners will learn about the benefits of propane at the PERC event,” said Mularczyk.

Bergen County expects to save thousands of dollars in fuel on each vehicle converted to propane, as well as save on maintenance costs. The technology is expected to double the life of the engine. This is because propane is the most economical alternative fuel for public and private fleets and has one of the lowest emissions rates of all major fuels. It also has one of the best vehicle safety records of any fuel.