NORFOLK, VA – Chesapeake has too many take-home vehicles, according to a consultant working for the city. More than 200 of the city’s 259 take-home vehicles are issued to employees of the city’s police department, said James Schwab, a representative for Fleet Counselor Services, Inc. The city’s fire, public utilities, and public works departments each have more than 15 vehicles, according to

Schwab recommended to the City Council that the city develop a written take-home vehicle policy. City Manager William Harrell said later that the city would be evaluating the use of all take-home vehicles.

Schwab also said that 235, or 22 percent, of the city’s 1,069-unit fleet does not meet minimum usage standards for city governments. He recommended selling 42 percent of those 235 under-used vehicles, and transferring the rest to a pool. And he said that 417 vehicles, or 41 percent of the fleet, exceed the consultant’s recommendation criteria, meaning the vehicles are considered too old to remain in the fleet.