DALLAS – Dallas County’s alternative-fuel vehicle fleet has come under fire. Officials purchased one Toyota Prius in 2002, but have no plans to buy more, even though the county already has exceeded this year’s fuel budget by $830,000, according to www.dallasnews.com.

Instead, SUVs, pickups and vans have become the vehicles of choice in the 980-car fleet.

Meanwhile, other local and state governments have implemented their share of alternative-fuel vehicles. The City of Dallas’ 4,684-vehicle fleet includes 1,247 vehicles that run on alternative fuels. Another 62 will be purchased this year.

The Legislature has mandated that 10 percent of vehicles purchased by state agencies have an emissions rating equivalent to a Prius.

Dallas County officials say they’ve been taking a wait-and-see approach on buying cleaner cars. But after six years of waiting, some are calling into question the County’s decision-making process.