SKOKIE, IL - The new Oil Eater 45-gallon water-based parts washer reduces the need and cost of disposal service and its industrial-grade HDPE resin tank provides for long and trouble-free operation.

The unit comes ready to use and can be heated to 110 degrees fahrenheit by a 1,000-watt heaters that shortens heat-up time.

Other key features include separate heater and pump switches with lighted on/off indicators, a filter system that prolongs fluid life, a flexible spigot and flow-through brush and a stainless steel work shelf. Protection is provided with a ground fault interrupter.

The work station measures 24”Wx32”Lx9”D. Three five-gallon pails of eco-friendly Oil Eater cleaner-degreaser are included. Oil Eater also offers a unit with the same features in a 25-gallon size. Its dimensions are 19”Wx29”Lx15”D. It comes with two five-gallon pails of Oil Eater cleaner-degreaser.

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