LAS VEGAS – The Alternative Fuel Vehicle Institute (AFVi) will host a who’s who of experts on hand Mar. 26-27 in Orange, Calif., for a two-day forum on the rapidly growing marketplace for natural gas. The forum, “NGVs: The Road Ahead or a Dead End?”, is aimed at fleets interested in exploring the latest developments on policy, funding, vehicles, emissions, and economics. 

Speakers include:

· James Cannon, president, Energy Futures.


· Mario Cordero, commission president, Port of Long Beach, California.


· Mike Gallagher, president and chief operating officer, Westport Innovations.


· Greg Roche, director of Business Development, Clean Energy.


“Significant recent developments have redefined the natural gas playing field,” said Leo Thomason, executive director of the Natural Gas Vehicle Institute. “From port regulations that focus the spotlight on liquefied natural gas to fuel prices that are minimally $1.50 per gallon more than natural gas, the marketplace has aligned to draw renewed attention to this clean burning fuel. 

Participants will hear from small volume manufacturers as well as original equipment manufacturers, including American Honda, Baytech Corporation, BAF Technologies, Cummins Westport, Emission Solutions, Kenworth, and Westport Innovations. Fuel and infrastructure providers include ANGI International, Clean Energy, GreenField, Pinnacle, and Trillium USA.


Originally posted on Automotive Fleet