LONDON, ONTARIO, CANADA – From Smart Cars to hybrids to biodiesel fuel, the City of London is looking to reduce its carbon footprint through the expansion of its green fleet vehicles, according to

The announcement was made by London Mayor Anne Marie DeCicco-Best and the city’s manager of Fleet and Facilities Operations Barrie Galloway, during a recent day-long Fleet Challenge workshop hosted by the City of London, Fleet Challenge Ontario, and the Canadian Energy Efficiency Alliance. The workshop hosted municipal representatives from across Ontario and provided an opportunity for various communities to share their respective green initiatives.

Presently, London’s green fleet includes three Toyota Prius Hybrids, seven Honda Civic Hybrids, two Mercedes Benz Smart Cars, and four advanced street sweepers with new vacuum technology that reduces particular matter and improves air quality in the city.

The city is planning to add 12 new vehicles, including Ford Escape Hybrid crossover utility vehicles, which are projected to help save an additional 20 tons of greenhouse gas emissions and an additional 9,000 liters of fuel.

To date, the city’s green fleet initiative has led to the reduction of 11 tons of greenhouse gas emissions annually and more than 5,000 liters of fuel each year.

The city is presently working with London Transit and looking at the use of biodiesel fuels in city buses and municipal vehicles. In addition, the city will be conducting a pilot project with Environment Canada to examine the effectiveness of vehicle tracking to monitor how city vehicles are being used.

Currently, the City of London’s fleet includes 1,500 pieces of equipment.


Originally posted on Automotive Fleet