CHARLESTON, WV - Hino Motors may receive some added business with the help of the state of West Virginia, according to the Web site,

Hino assembles trucks at the Williamstown facility in WV.

Hino Motors recently increased production to building four trucks a day, said Joe Chronley, general manager of the plant.

The plant began mass production on Nov. 19 following two months of training on practice trucks and has slowly increased production with plans to build as many as 20 trucks a day, 10 trucks a shift, he said.

Currently, the plant is still working with one shift, with plans to begin a second shift.

West Virginia's Gov. Joe Manchin is interest in adding Hino trucks into the state’s fleet of vehicles. The governor wants to look into blending Hino trucks into the state’s fleet because they are made in West Virginia by West Virginians.