NORFOLK, VA - At a Fleet Professionals conference held recently in Norfolk, Virginia, the City of Little Rock’s Fleet Services Department was named the 7th most efficient operation in North America. The designation was made by Government Fleet Magazine.

There are 38,000 public fleet departments in America. 1250 applications were sent out to fleets identified as being superior by their peers, other national recognitions, site visits by the judges, and best business practices.

“I am proud of the Fleet Services Department,” said City Manager Bruce T. Moore. “These men and women work hard to keep the City literally on the move. Without them our Police, Fire, and Public Works Departments could not do their jobs. I have known that Wendell Jones and his team are outstanding; I am pleased to see others recognize that, too.”

“We take care of approximately 1300 vehicles,” said Jones who is Director of Fleet Services. “It is an honor to work with these dedicated individuals as we serve the citizens of Little Rock. I am pleased for the recognition, because they are often unsung heroes.”

Little Rock was distinguished by their application scored on points by the judges. They are regarded as exceptional based on the 12 criteria of the contest performance measures. Little Rock is recognized nationally for their working environment and productivity.

The judges were a panel of former winners and fleet professional experts. Selection was based on the 12 criteria of the contest performance measures and best business practices, which include: Accountability, Technology Implementation, High Trust Culture, Acknowledgement, Collaboration, Creativity, Celebration, Doing it Right the First Time, Quick/Efficient Turnaround, Staff Development, Resource Stewardship, Competitive Pricing.

The sponsors are Chrysler Corporation, CCG Systems, Zero Air Pollution Vehicles and the 100 Best Fleets in North America