ALBION, IL – Luber-finer, a division of Champion Laboratories, Inc., and a manufacturer of heavy-duty filtration products for the transportation, off-road/mining, marine, agriculture, and automotive light truck industry, has added a Web page that focuses on its recently-debuted Oil Analysis Program. This new section of Luber-finer’s Web site ( offers a comprehensive breakdown and description of its Oil Analysis Program, including links to a Laboratory Fluid Analysis Brochure, a Fleet Equipment Flyer, and Construction & Mining Equipment Flyer. The Oil Analysis Program offers an easy-to-use, cost-effective method to manage preventative and scheduled maintenance that is completed by an independent laboratory. By performing an oil analysis that tests for up to 19 wear materials that can be harmful to engines, Luber-finer program results can help reduce equipment downtime, increase production, maximize equipment life, lower maintenance time and cost, avoid catastrophic engine and component failure, and increase bottom-line profits, the company said. The Oil Analysis Program works by establishing an equipment database and taking oil samples, which are then submitted for testing. Reports are compiled by Luber-finer and returned to the fleet operator, who decides what corrective active should be taken. If problems remain after corrective action was taken, resamples on problem equipment can be submitted for further analysis, with new corrective measures then provided. In addition, the new Oil Analysis Program Web page means that all analysis reports, test results, trending graphs, and recommendations from Luber-finer are now available online, offering a 24- to 48-hour turnaround time on oil analysis. For more information on the Oil Analysis Program, please contact your local Luber-finer representative or go to