DAYTONA, FL – George Baker, who is in charge of Volusia County’s 2,150-vehicle fleet of sedans, SUVs, and fire trucks, is talking about reducing the fleet’s emission of air pollutants like particulate matter and carbon monoxide, according to the Daytona News-Journal.

Volusia County is cutting emissions and saving money by reducing miles driven by identifying and following the best routes, as well as cutting idling time. County schools now use global positioning systems to improve route planning. The county is starting to do the same.

Also, some local governments have bought or are considering buying hybrid sedans and SUVs that combine gasoline or diesel engines with electric motors. The county has six of them, and Baker expects to buy more in the coming year.

And, city officials are pleased with the use of five hybrids in the Public Works department and have even talked about going with fully electric cars in the future.

Volusia County also has about 60 E-85 capable vehicles, but so far ethanol is hardly available in Florida, according to the Daytona News-Journal.