ANAHEIM, CA – During the Clean Cities Congress & Expo 2007 in Anaheim, Calif., the Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) named the 2007 winners of the Propane Exceptional Energy Fleet Awards. The awards honor fleets that use propane to fuel their vehicles and promote awareness of propane as a cost-effective, safe, and clean-burning motor fuel.

The winners include Village Catering (New Boston, Ohio), which operates a Meals on Wheels program. The company has 12 propane vehicles out of a total fleet of 20 that includes one truck and 11 minivans that deliver hot meals to people in need. Each vehicle travels about 200 miles daily. The company has been using propane for more than two years.

Another winning fleet is Winthrop Harbor Police Department of Winthrop Harbor, Ill. The department has been operating propane vehicles for two years and currently has four propane vehicles in its 20-vehicle fleet. In addition to operating propane vehicles, the police department has assisted the propane industry in obtaining EPA certification for eight different platforms.

Another winner is Metro Cars Inc. (Taylor, Miss.), whose fleet of 200 vehicles currently has 50 that operate on propane. Metro Cars, a luxury sedan transportation and shuttle transportation service, plans to convert 105 of its total fleet to propane operation. According to the company, after the conversion of the Metro Cars fleet, it will begin the conversion of its affiliated taxi companies in Florida. Its goal is to convert more than 1000 vehicles to propane. Metro Cars began the project of changing to propane in spring 2005, and is in the process of installing an 18,000-gal. tank and two fueling islands.