SCOTTSDALE, AZ – Clark County, Nev., has agreed to use XenTx Diesel Fuel Treatment with CleanBoost technology in all county-owned diesel-powered vehicles, according to EMTA Holdings Inc., an energy and fuel conservation company. EMTA estimates delivery of the new fuel to begin Mar. 1, 2007 and continue indefinitely.

The XenTx Diesel Fuel Treatment can reduce smog-producing NOx emissions from diesel and bio-diesel fuels by 12 percent, while also increasing fuel efficiency. The County will be paying an additional $.02/gallon for the treated fuel, but the anticipated increase in fuel economy is equal to a net reduction of $.08/gallon. Total net savings to Clark County, after purchasing XenTx products, are estimated to be $162,000 per year.

Clark County’s Automotive Services Department, in collaboration with the County’s diesel fuel supplier, Haycock Petroleum Company of Las Vegas, will pre-treat all diesel fuel with EMTA’s XenTx Diesel Fuel Treatment prior to delivery to all of the county’s fueling facilities. The move is one of a number of initiatives under way in Clark County to decrease fuel costs and improve local air quality in compliance with Federal clean air regulations.

Clark County’s Automotive Services Department maintains approximately 2,800 vehicles for the majority of the County departments.