SEATTLE, WA – The University of Washington is switching to cleaner fuels and using more hybrid vehicles are part of a larger effort at making more environmentally sound, sustainable choices, according to University Week, the faculty and staff newspaper for the University of Washington.

According to David Carr, manager of the UW Motor Pool, this summer the Motor Pool switched its trucks and buses to a mixture of ultra-low-sulfur diesel fuel and biodiesel called B-5, which contains five percent biodiesel, a significantly cleaner fuel than regular diesel. As part of that process, Motor Pool had one of its four underground fuel storage tanks that is dedicated to diesel completely cleaned to protect the integrity of the fuel supply.

If there are no problems with the use of B-5, the Motor Pool may ultimately move to B-20, according to University Week. The Motor Pool also has purchased two Ford Escape Hybrids for use in Parking Services, replacing older cars. There are already 19 Prius hybrids among Motor Pool vehicles.

New vehicles and fuels are part the university’s Green Fleet Initiative (formerly called the Clean Fleet Initiative), an effort to reduce pollution and waste in all Motor Pool vehicles.