TAUNTON, MA – A gasoline management system (called Gasboy Fleetkey 2 Management System) proposed for the Taunton Department of Public Works in Massachusetts would save the city money, accurately account for fuel use, and cut down on the temptation to misuse the pumps, according to the Taunton Gazette newspaper. The existing gas system at the DPW garage does not have the security features needed and is in dire need of replacement.

Purchasing a new system has already been endorsed by the council and the mayor’s office pending the cost, but by transitioning to a magnetic key or PIN number system, the city can increase accountability while saving some money, the report said.

The Fleetkey utilizes a smart key for system access: An embedded microchip in the key is encoded with driver and/or vehicle id information. The system checks odometer entries against the last odometer stored on the key to help ensure accurate odometer entries.

The City Council DPW subcommittee is scheduled to discuss the possible purchase