EVANSVILLE, IN — In response to increased fuel costs and in accordance with suggestions made by the city of Evansville efficiency study, Mayor Jonathan Weinzapfel on Sept. 19 an-nounced changes to the city employee take-home vehicle policy that will reduce the number of assigned take-home vehicles, excluding public safety vehicles, from 23 to 10. “Those city employees who are on-call and required to respond to emergency situations outside of normal business hours, as well as those employees for whom it makes economic and operational sense to do so, will retain their take-home vehicles,” said Mayor Weinzapfel. “However, employees who are assigned take-home vehicles can only use them to drive between home and work. Such employees will not be permitted to use the vehicle for personal reasons.” City employees participating in the take-home vehicle program and residing within Vanderburgh County will be assessed a $10 fee per pay period to assist with fuel costs. City employees resid-ing outside of Vanderburgh County will be assessed a $20 fee per pay period. The vehicles that will no longer be used in the take-home vehicle program will be added to the city fleet and will be available for use during normal business hours by city employees acting on official city business.