CHICAGO – WebTech Wireless has announced that Chicago has equipped more than 400 of its Water Management Department vehicles with WebTech's wireless tracking and fleet management solution. The city is using WebTech's offering to provide real-time location, two-way communications, and security services – key for Homeland Security initiatives for all vehicles in its Water Management Department. Chicago officials previously enabled more than 500 of its snowplows and support vehicles in its Streets and Sanitation division with WebTech's solution. Following a successful deployment, the city's Water Management Department has selected WebTech Wireless to provide location-based services for its fleet of more than 400 additional vehicles. The system will provide location data for efficient routing and dispatching as well as driver I.D. and starter disabling for security purposes. "With more focus on Homeland Security, it has become imperative for organizations to not only know where their assets are at all times, but to implement failsafe methods for preventing theft or misuse of their assets," said Anwar Sukkarie, president and CEO WebTech Wireless.