DOUGLAS COUNTY, OR – Fleet Manager Mike Blanck told members of the Douglas County Budget Committee that he plans to buy four hybrid sedans for delivery next fall or winter, according to the News-Review. The committee approved the purchase within Blanck's budget. Blanck received calls from several county residents asking if the county had considered buying a hybrid after gasoline prices started spiking upward. Blanck said he was concerned about reliability, but spoke with fleet managers of several other counties that already use hybrids and was told that they are reliable and get exceptional gas mileage. At an estimated cost of $20,000 each, Blanck included the purchase of four hybrid cars in his $601,600 capital outlay request. Two or three of the cars will go to the Health Department and the other one or two will go to the county's general motor pool. Employees from different departments will be able to check them out. Blanck said he would consider buying additional hybrid cars in the future if the reaction is favorable.