CLIFTON PARK, NY — The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) offers testing and certification for automotive repair technicians in an effort to improve the quality of vehicle repair and service in the U.S. Upon passing at least one ASE exam, and providing proof of two years of related work experience, a technician becomes ASE certified. Technicians who pass a series of exams earn ASE Master Technician status, which is comparable to an automobile technician who must pass eight exams for this recognition. During the exam, technicians are asked to answer a number of questions that pose real-world diagnostic and repair problems. Though a good knowledge of theory is helpful to the technician in answering many of the questions, there are no questions specifically on theory. Technicians must be retested every five years to renew the certification. Below is a suggested list of guidelines to follow while preparing for the exam:
  • Focus your studies on those areas you are weak in.
  • Be honest with yourself in evaluating your proficiency and understanding of individual skills being tested.
  • Study frequently, but for short periods of time.
  • Remove yourself from all distractions while studying.
  • Keep in mind the goal of studying is not just to pass the exam; the real goal is to learn. For more information on ASE training, contact Brian McGrath at Thomson Delmar Learning, (518) 348-2646.