OPS Launches Pursuit-Series Brackets

Photo: OPS

OPS Public Safety launched the all-new Pursuit Series Brackets to fit the 2020 Ford Police Interceptor, Chevrolet Tahoe, and Dodge Durango. The 8-inch and 12-inch elevated brackets are vehicle-specific, quick to install, and make it easy to access the spare tire. To move a drawer to a different vehicle type, simply swap the brackets, a much cheaper option than purchasing a new drawer.

Our new brackets are offered in two heights – 8” and 12”. Each has features and benefits for different needs. Whatever you need to store in the back of your SUV, we have the storage solution for you.

The standard 8-inch Pursuit Series Brackets are ideal if you need extra space on top of your drawer unit to accommodate gear and equipment. A versatile option, these brackets fit three vehicle types: 2020 Ford Police Interceptor, current generation Chevrolet Tahoe models, and the 2011-2020 Dodge Durangos.

Designed to be installed with OPS’s 12-inch single drawer and 18-inch stacked drawer (one 12-inch drawer and one 6-inch drawer), the 8-inch brackets provide an elevated mounting solution that doesn’t obstruct the officer’s rear view and provides extra storage on top of the unit.

The 12-inch brackets are beneficial for storing larger pieces of equipment under the drawer without obstructing drawer movement. Items such as kit bags, shields, Pelican cases, or drone storage can fit under the drawer. Although these brackets provide more clearance under the drawer, they do not fit in all vehicle types. The 12-inch brackets only fit the 2020 Ford Police Interceptor and Chevrolet Tahoe and only with OPS’s 12-inch Single Pursuit Series drawer. The 12-inch brackets maximize storage space for the items that will not fit inside drawers.

To access the spare tire, simply remove any gear underneath your OPS Public Safety drawer and remove the OEM floor.