-  Photo courtesy of Gamber-Johnson

Photo courtesy of Gamber-Johnson

Gamber-Johnson has released a full line-up of consoles for the 2020 Ford Police Interceptor Utility. These include:

  • The Full Depth Console, for use in one-piece radios and controls. It features a flat design with up to 4 inches of additional depth as compared to the Low-Profile Console Box. It comes with side mount and center mount options.
  • The Low-Profile Console is designed to provide access to HVAC controls while maintaining the same design for ease of visibility to radios and controls.
  • The Short Console features additional mounting space on the angled section of the console with a shortened horizontal section for additional space between the console and gun mount. This makes retrieval of weapons and equipment easier.
  • The Printer Console with Mousetrap is intended to house the PocketJet 7 series printer and is designed to maximize occupant space inside the vehicle.