-  Image courtesy of Stellar

Image courtesy of Stellar

Stellar Telematics for service trucks consists of Fleet View for fleet managers and Stellar E-Link Mobile for operators and is designed to help Stellar customers optimize their fleet and increase uptime. The advanced technology platform debuted at The Work Truck Show 2020.

The Fleet View online dashboard gives fleet managers access to real-time and historical data on work-truck equipment. The ability to monitor data on crane usage, load trends, and compressor usage enables fleet managers to make more informed decisions, including selecting the proper crane, body, and chassis size.

Data from Fleet View also allows fleet managers to right-size their fleet for application and location, better understand operator behavior, anticipate upcoming preventive maintenance needs, and track equipment lifecycles.

The E-Link Mobile feature boosts uptime by empowering operators with the ability to control equipment, access real-time diagnostics, and view upcoming preventive maintenance needs from a mobile device. E-Link Mobile also lets operators reference technical manuals and easily reach Stellar Industries Customer Service.

“As the industry need for more and better data continues to grow, telematics on not only the chassis, but also the equipment, is becoming critical,” said Adam Opperman, product manager. “Stellar Telematics provides fleet managers with the missing data they need to help operators maximize productivity. Telematics beyond the chassis is something that takes a work truck to the next level.”

A Stellar Heavy-Duty Service Crane with the Stellar CDTplus radio control remote system is required to utilize Stellar Telematics, while an American Eagle Air Compressor and Stellar E- Link are recommended to realize the full benefits of the technology platform.

Originally posted on Work Truck Online