Kubota’s SVL65-2 compact track loader is a smaller machine with a high-rated operating capacity...

Kubota’s SVL65-2 compact track loader is a smaller machine with a high-rated operating capacity and ample cab size.

Photo courtesy of Kubota

Smaller doesn’t mean weaker. In introducing its new SVL65-2 compact track loader, Kubota noted that the loader is part of its SVL line that includes the larger SVL75-2 and SVL95-2s models.

But the company is emphasizing that the new product is no weakling.

“Its rated operating capacity is 2,100 lbs., which actually puts it at the top side of the market segment,” said Jeff Jacobsmeyer, Kubota’s product manager for excavators, wheel loaders, and tractor loader backhoes.

Jacobsmeyer said Kubota customers have been asking for a smaller, lighter machine. 

“That’s why we decided to unveil the 65, to complement the lineup and grab that smaller market,” he said. The company answered customers’ requests with a machine it describes as having a “small-but-mighty size” that “still packs a powerful punch in efficiency.”

Kubota Track Loader Is Lighter, Smoother, and ‘Packs a Punch’

​Photo courtesy of Kubota

Large Cab, Smooth Operation

“When we went to the smaller machine, we didn’t compromise on the size of the cab,” Jacobsmeyer said. He also noted that governments would like the larger cab size. The SVL65-2’s cab size is the same as the SVL75-2 and SVL95-2s.

The SVL65-2’s wide door opening allows operators to easily and safely enter and exit. Kubota describes the SVL Series’ easy-open sliding front door as its “signature and best-selling feature.” Full machine operation is possible with the door open, which Jacobsmeyer said governments would like because the operator can more easily communicate with other workers.

The SVL65-2’s advanced multifunction valve (AMV valve) helps users operate the equipment smoothly when using simultaneous functions such as auxiliary, boom, and bucket circuits.

“The multifunction valve allows for so much smoother operation in the hydraulics,” Jacobsmeyer said. “It’s actually a patented hydraulic valve by Kubota — for the boom, the bucket, and the auxiliary — and it actually operates more like a parallel valve to where it has smoothness. 

“You can go over a relief on any of the circuits and still there’s smooth operation. So it’s kind of an exclusive thing for that size of machine.”