The Vacall AllSweep has a sweeping path wider than the width of the chassis.

The Vacall AllSweep has a sweeping path wider than the width of the chassis.

Photo courtesy of Gradall

Vacall’s AllSweep models produce the industry’s greatest air flow capacity, according to an independent test comparing all high-performance vacuum sweepers used to clean up runways, parking lots, event venues, streets, and millings on street resurfacing projects. Testing showed AllSweep’s centrifugal fan is capable of producing a maximum air flow of 31,000 CFM, thanks to a unique design by Gradall Industries.

Among the AllSweep’s other advantages is the industry’s widest sweep path — wider than the width of the chassis — so it can make shorter work of bigger jobs. Either single or dual sweep systems are available, as well as full-width nozzles and gutter brooms to collect litter, stones, asphalt millings, and debris.

Another operator efficiency advantage is a position memory feature to raise and then restore nozzle height when encountering curbs, speed bumps, and other obstacles.

AllSweep’s single-engine design is part of the “Green That Works” collection of features in every Vacall machine. AllSweep models effectively reduce both fuel consumption and the release of harmful emissions while delivering greater operating efficiency and overall cost-savings when compared with competitive two-engine sweepers.

When in use, a new hydrostatic drive system controls chassis travel speed while maintaining a specific RPM level to deliver consistent hydraulic power, water flow, vacuum forces, and other cleanup functions.

A color LCD display screen clearly displays machine performance through AllSweep’s AllSmartFlow CAN bus smart control system, which is standard. The control system allows for more precise water flow and vacuum adjustments and is available with a fully proportional pendant, either wired or wireless, to make productive control away from the chassis possible.

The rugged debris tank hopper, which is strengthened with reinforced steel to withstand the abuse daily tasks may provide, is available in various capacities. All tanks have a durable powder coat finish. Optional stainless-steel tanks have a lifetime warranty.