-  Graphic courtesy of NYC DCAS

Graphic courtesy of NYC DCAS

After the most recent round of purchases, the New York City Department of Citywide Administrative Services (DCAS) fleet is 12% younger in fiscal-year 2019 than it was in fiscal-year 2014.

For the most recent fiscal year, the city spent $249 million to purchase 2,847 units, as part of a series of major investments in fleet over the previous three fiscal years. The agency has also worked on fleet reductions, including a plan to cut 1,000 fleet vehicles announced earlier this year. As a result, the average fleet age has decreased at almost every city agency, and especially in agencies with trucks, specialized vehicles, and emergency vehicles.

The Departments of Health, Environmental Protection (DEP), and Corrections (DOC) achieved the largest reductions in fleet age. The Department of Sanitation (DSNY), Police Department (NYPD), Parks, and Department of Transportation (DOT) also saw improvements in fleet age, and the Fire Department (FDNY) remained steady. Only one DCAS customer agency saw a small uptick in fleet age.

DCAS shared a few highlights from its FY-19 acquisition plan:

  • NYPD received 1,197 units, including 182 of the agency's first 208 hybrid patrol sedans. DEP, DOC, and the Sheriff's Office also received hybrid police units.
  • FDNY ordered 89 new ambulances, including six new off-road ambulance units. FDNY continues to roll out anti-idling and plug-in technology for ambulances.
  • DSNY ordered 59 new street sweepers, Parks ordered 51 lawn and beach tractors, and DOT ordered 183 work trucks.
  • The acquisition plan included 499 electric vehicles, including battery-electric Chevrolet Bolts, Plug-In Hybrid Mitsubishi Outlander SUVs, Plug-In Hybrid Electric Chrysler Pacific minivans, Plug-In Hybrid Toyota Prius Primes, and Ford Fusion Energis. 


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