IPLC Smart Power Receptacle Reduces Waste

Photo courtesy of IPLC

In freezing temperatures, fleets do not always have the luxury of waiting for their engines to warm up or being sidelined by a cold start. Delivery trucks, road maintenance vehicles, police, fire and EMS, school buses, and mining fleets depend on having their vehicle engines start when their drivers turn the key. IPLC has created a smart power solution to enhance the way fleet managers handle cold-weather fleet maintenance.

The M210 is a smart power receptacle that assists fleet garage managers. It regulates the flow of power to engine block heaters using temperature control sensors to only deliver power when the temperature demands it. The M210 can replace any existing parking stall outlet, and will reduce power waste by up to 65% per vehicle, resulting in both cost and CO2 savings.

In addition to its temperature control sensors, the M210 has other benefits built into its construction. The M210’s LED light system allows lot managers to verify at a glance that the outlet is working and is not overloaded. The M210 also has a two-hour delay built in, so the engines will have time to cool after use before the engine block heaters start receiving power, contributing to the savings.