Commercial fleet sales increase 12.3% in May, following an 11.2% increase in April.

Commercial fleet sales increase 12.3% in May, following an 11.2% increase in April.

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Commercial fleet sales continued their torrid spring, increasing 12.3% in May after increasing 11.2% in April. Year-to-date sales are now 7.8% ahead of the first five months of 2018, according to Automotive Fleet data.

Sales of vehicles from nine manufactures reached 76,670 in May compared to a year ago. So far, the manufacturers have sold 345,261 in 2019.

In May, sales of trucks, vans, and SUVs increased 11.7% to 68,076, while sales of passenger cars increased 17% to 8,594. For the year so far, truck-based sales have increased 9.8% to 307,263, while car sales have declined 5.9% to 37,998.

May sales to government fleets from four manufacturers declined 6.3% to 26,788. Truck-based sales increased 1.4% to 22,974 and car sales fell 35.6% to 3,814. For the year, government sales have increased 1.1% to 111,900. Truck sales have increased 4.7% to 94,985 and car sales have declined 15.2% to 16,915.

Daily rental sales from nine manufacturers declined 13.6% to 207,850 units. Truck-based sales increased 19.3% to 133,098 units, while car sales declined 4.7% to 74,752 units. Year-to-date sales have increased 5.4% to 901,063 vehicles with a 4.5% decline in car sales to 332,128 and a 12.1% increase in truck-based sales to 568,935 units.

For all three segments, fleet sales in May increased 11.2% from a year ago to 311,308 units with a 14.8% gain in truck sales to 224,148 and a 3% increase in car sales to 87,160. For the year so far, sales into the three fleet segments have increased 5.6% to 1.35 million. While truck-based sales have increased 10.6% to 971,183, car sales have fallen 5.2% to 387,041.

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