- Photo courtesy of Textron Specialized Vehicles

Photo courtesy of Textron Specialized Vehicles

Textron Specialized Vehicles announced the launch of its Hauler 800 Elite electric utility vehicle, powered by Samsung SDI lithium technology. The vehicle offers zero-maintenance batteries with increased range and energy efficiency.

The Hauler 800 Elite series maximizes space and functionality, with an ergonomic dash offering storage for clipboards, radios, and other tools, and a flexible bed that can be customized to carry equipment and materials. The vehicle is backed by a five-year battery warranty and offers up to 900 lbs. of towing capacity.

Hauler 800 Elite vehicles are equipped with zero-maintenance lithium batteries that don’t require watering, terminal post checkups, or cleaning like traditional lead-acid batteries.  Elite vehicles also charge in half the time and require less out-of-the-wall power than lead-acid batteries. Elite vehicles can also “opportunity-charge” between tasks, and with batteries half the size and a fraction of the weight of lead-acid batteries, the Hauler 800 Elite series reduces turf damage and soil compaction.