- Photo courtesy of WatchGuard

Photo courtesy of WatchGuard

Mobile video solutions provider WatchGuard announced a new enhancement to its 4RE HD in-car video system which allows the system to automatically upload recorded events to its on-site or cloud-based evidence management system via a variety of networks (including FirstNet, LTE, and Wi-Fi).

This update will allow agencies to collect footage faster, without requiring officers to drive to specific areas and wait for data to be uploaded.

Arkansas Highway Police officers are tasked with protecting 16,000 miles of highway infrastructure across 53,000 square miles of land. Prior to implementing the WatchGuard system with LTE connectivity, officers were required to visit one of ten wireless access points positioned throughout the state and upload recorded video events captured over the prior seven days.

The new LTE connectivity enhancement allows the WatchGuard 4RE in-car system to automatically and continuously upload recorded events throughout the officer’s shift via a wireless connection to the FirstNet network. Recorded events traverse the network and are received at the department’s Little Rock headquarters for review, storage, and sharing.