The City of Los Angeles’ motor pool operation could be improved with more frequent replacements, leasing, and the promotion of alternative transportation methods, according to a report from the city controller. The report, issued by city controller Ron Galperin, lists some of the strategies that he believes would make the motor pool a more cost-effective operation.

The city’s General Services Department maintains approximately 11,000 vehicles. This includes more than 1,800 sedans, light-duty trucks, vans, and SUVs that are made available to city employees to use for city business.

Generally, the city purchases and maintains vehicles in-house, and vehicles are kept as long as possible. The average age of motor pool vehicles is 11 years old, and 22% of the motor pool fleet Is more than 15 years old. Galperin noted that keeping older vehicles has led to high maintenance costs. A Ford F-250 purchased for $22,000 in 2001, for example, has incurred $76,000 in maintenance and repair costs.

Galperin recommended the city look into leasing, consider public transportation and mileage reimbursement as alternatives to motor pool rental, and partner with ride hailing companies. He also noted that the city should talk to fleet management companies to learn how the fleet operation can be improved with data.

Although the report specifically looks at the General Services motor pool, Galperin noted that many of his recommendations could be applied to city vehicles managed by other departments. The Police Department and Fire Department maintain their own vehicles. The Department of Water and Power, Los Angeles World Airports, and Port of Los Angeles are all responsible for the procurement, maintenance, and management of their own vehicle fleets.

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