Transfer Flow Offers 40-Gallon Auxiliary Fuel Tank

Photo courtesy of Transfer Flow

Transfer Flow has introduced a 40-gallon in-bed auxiliary fuel tank system for the 2018 diesel Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon. The fuel tank is designed with a small footprint to maximize bed space and a compact height to fit under many tonneau covers.

The auxiliary fuel tank is controlled by Transfer Flow’s TRAX 3 operating system with AutoTrans technology. All TRAX 3 systems include an in-cab LCD that shows fuel levels in the main and auxiliary tanks. Automatic fuel transfers are computer-controlled.

The product includes a preassembled sending unit, roll over valve, and fuel filter located under a recessed cover box for a clean and versatile fuel tank. It is manufactured from ReliaSteel, a high0yield U.S. aluminized steel, and powder coated black and corrosion resistance and strength. The tank includes internal baffles for reduced fuel slosh and comes complete with all components needed for installation.

Originally posted on Work Truck Online