The Terrier LT-79 was developed to offer a balanced combination of protection, off-road mobility, and payload. A standard model holds up to eight officers or 10 with optional bench seating, depending on the size of the operators and the amount of gear. The vehicle is agile and versatile, designed to protect individuals in dangerous operational environments. It is ideal for SWAT teams, law enforcement, and military personnel interested in a highly armored vehicle that is budget-friendly.

The armored vehicle is built using a reinforced and militarized Toyota VDJ79 truck chassis and COTS components. The vehicle can be built to B6 or NIJ-III protection standards and is powered by a 195-hp, high-sulfur 1VD-FTV Toyota 4.5L V8 diesel. It is readily available in LHD and RHD configurations. Using upgraded axles, clutch, and a reinforced frame as well as large super single wheels, the vehicle combines mobility and high payload in all operating environments.

Key features of the standard Terrier LT-79 include:

  • Full protection against Kinetic Energy Weapons
  • Category-leading ground clearance
  • Conveniently placed high-visibility gun ports
  • Three doors with optional roof turret
  • Modern LED headlights and standard military convoy lights
  • Rear HVAC system

Optional equipment on the Terrier LT-79 include a public address system, alternator upgrade, interior weapon mounts, a tracking system, blast attenuating seats, gunshot detection system, and computer workstations.