Photo courtesy of Caterpillar

Photo courtesy of Caterpillar

The CB1.7 and CB1.8  utility compactors are available in 1.7- to 1.8-metric ton size classes. Typical applications include: bike paths, courtyards, patchwork, parking lots, driveways, town centers, and shoulder work.

Operating features include toggle-type switches for quick and easy activation of machine functions. The mechanical propel lever provides quick reaction for precise control, while LED lights on the console simplify operation in low-light conditions.

For ease of moving to new jobsites, the single-point lifting option and durable hitch design simplifies hoisting these machines onto transports. The foldable ROPS option provides a short height and enables the machine to move under and around low structures when performing compaction procedures.

The high amplitude vibratory system combined with large diameter drums and the exclusive, eccentric weight design improves compaction performance. The compators also sport automatic activation and front or both drum vibratory capabilities.

The compactors offer full access to remote drains, sampling ports, and filters for quick service.