Lake Assault Boats’ first-ever rigid hull inflatable boat (RHIB) features a modified V-hull design and a large protective collar that is ideal for fast shallow water response. It is engineered for fast and nimble fire and rescue response.

The lightweight boat features a shallow draught, and is able to operate in as little as 12 to 14 inches of water. It is an ideal fit for departments responding to a wide range of water conditions, including flooding. A patrol boat variant of the RHIB design was recently purchased by a Wisconsin county emergency response agency.

The RHIB is rated for up to 225 hp and is capable of speeds in excess of 45 mph. It features a large open deck, a T-top helm station, and a centrally located operator’s position for high visibility. The heavy-duty buoyancy tube is available in three configurations: air-filled, high-density foam, or a hybrid air bladder with a foam exterior.

The boat was recently displayed at the Fire Department Instructors Conference Exhibition in Indianapolis. The craft on display was equipped with a Darley 375-gpm pump powered by a compact Honda engine.