The Kubota RTV-XG850 Sidekick utility vehicle features a 48-hp gasoline engine, reaching speeds of up to 40 mph.

Equipped with a continuously variable transmission with centrifugal clutch, the Sidekick’s water-cooled engine provides torque for a quick and smooth take-off. The idle speed control feature and highland correction provide stability.

Electronic power steering improves handling and stability. Tuned front and rear independent suspension offers a smooth ride, and engine-assisted braking allows for greater control and increased safety during descents. A selectable full-time 4WD system gives the operator traction and control, even under heavy loads.

The Sidekick has a 2,000-b. towing capacity and is standard-equipped with a trailer hitch. The Sidekick’s cargo capacity enables it to carry up to 1,000 lbs of gear, tools, supplies, and building materials in its heavy-duty steel cargo box. The cargo box comes with optional electric hydraulic lift.

The Sidekick offers electrical power for a wide variety of equipment. The regulator and fully-shielded generator are controlled by a microcomputer to ensure stable power, including a work light, LED headlight, heater, or wench.

The Sidekick features a smart ergonomic meter panel, steering wheel, and shift knob, as well as LED headlights for safety. Shoulder guards on the rollover protective system keep all riders within the passenger area during tight turns, while half doors keep brush and other elements out of the vehicle.

The ergonomically designed split-bench seat style provides comfort and space for both driver and passenger, while offering compartments underneath for storing tools and personal items.