Raybestos has added nearly 100 new part numbers to its line of premium quality Opti-Cal new plated brake calipers for a total offering of 390 part numbers, covering 5,300 vehicle applications.

Unlike traditional calipers, the Opti-Cal caliper line features all new components, combining optimal performance with time-saving, trouble-free installation. They are composed of a new caliper body, bracket, and components, including pistons, lubricated guide pins, and pad mounting hardware to ensure they fit and function correctly.

Aluminum or zinc plated housings and zinc plated brackets deliver superior corrosion prevention. The zinc finish provides all-weather protection, inhibits rust, and maintains a pristine appearance. 

All Opti-Cal calipers undergo significant levels of testing to ensure adherence to global industry standards. The calipers go through temperature durability testing, leak-free pressure testing, functionality testing, and environment exposure testing to guarantee trouble-free operation, proper braking function and the best possible performance.