Havis' new, upgraded line of universal cradle solutions fit a wide range of tablet and laptop models. The new generation of universal cradles, which includes the UT-1000 Series, the UT-2000 Series, and the UT-301 Cradles, are to be lighter yet ultra-rugged and allow for more mounting options.

The Universal Cradle line is made from high-performance, injection-molded materials and some feature a durable, powder-coat-painted top plate. The thin, low-profile design of the cradles maximizes mobile office space and enhances visibility while the rugged construction of the cradles allows for longer service life and future redeployments, according to the company.

The UT-1000 Series adjusts to fit a wide variety of 11-inch to 14-inch laptops and convertible devices, while the UT-2000 Series adjusts to fit a wide variety of 9-inch to 11-inch tablets. The newly patented UT-301 can handle 7-inch to 9-inch devices

Universal Cradles also feature a smooth glide functionality, rounded corners to minimize risk in potential accidents and airbag deployment, sliding hold-down lugs, strain-relief holes to organize cabling and secure connectivity of peripherals, and a built-in locking mechanism for peace of mind against theft and uncradling.