CASE Construction Equipment's TV370 compact track loader (CTL) is a 74-hp machine that combines a maintenance-free Tier 4 Final solution with the strength and reach of a large-frame CTL.

The TV370 provides a 3,700-lb. rated operating capacity and a vertical-lift design that makes it ideal for loading trucks, and lifting and placing heavier palletized materials.

A 74-hp option in a large-frame vertical CTL provides a high capacity, low ground pressure, and stable platform for earthmoving, load and lift applications, and heavy attachments while utilizing a maintenance-free after-treatment system.

The TV370 is ideally suited for landscaping, utility, agricultural, and rental applications where operators value lift capacity and strength, but may not require higher horsepower to run high-volume production attachments. The machine provides auxiliary hydraulics for traditional attachment use in standard and optional high-flow hydraulic setups.

Additional performance/operating highlights include an 8,776-lb. bucket breakout force, and a 10-foot, 11-inch hinge pin height. At 6-foot, 4-inches wide over the tracks, and on standard 17.7-inch wide tracks, the TV370 provides excellent stability and the lowest standard ground pressure in class for operating on varied terrain and sensitive ground.

It features a wide cab, and a low entry threshold provides easy access and greater visibility down to the bucket/attachment. The cab-forward design combines with ultra-narrow wire side screens to provide best-in-class 360-degree visibility and excellent site lines down to the bucket edge/curb lines.

A large, rounded rear window delivers excellent rear visibility and standard heavy-duty front and side lights further improve visibility.

The new CTL meets Tier 4 Final emissions standards through a diesel oxidation catalyst FPT engine that requires no additional fluids or intensive maintenance activities. Operators can easily access the engine, filters, fill points, and all other primary service points through a single point of access. It also offers an easy-tilt cab for convenient access to the drivetrain compartment.

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