Rosco, a manufacturer in automotive vision safety, introduced the Safe-T-Scope 360 Surround Camera System for the emergency vehicle market.

The 360-degree camera system was developed to reduce blind spots and increase safety in the emergency vehicle driving environment. With the proven reliability of Rosco’s Safe-T-Scope camera series, the new Surround View System offers 360 of coverage utilizing images from four cameras installed on the vehicle. Each camera has a 185-degree field of view that provides optimal coverage and ensures safety with multiple viewing options.

Utilizing a standard LCD backup monitor or a Rosco MOR-Vision mirror/monitor, the 360 system provides various views of the vehicle using custom set triggers. The system can be triggered when the vehicle is in reverse, has sirens on, or activates turn signals.

Designed for large vehicles, the Safe-T-Scope 360 is compatible with ambulances, fire trucks, SWAT, and command vehicles where conditions demand the highest level of awareness from the operator. Safe-T-Scope 360 provides peace of mind for drivers and fleet managers by reducing blind spots and increasing visibility of other vehicles, objects, and vulnerable road users, including pedestrians and cyclists.