The Focus H1 system analyzes video live from inside the car, allowing for new applications and much faster responsiveness. Coban plans to support a variety of third party applications for the Focus H1 that will allow agencies to identify a wide range of objects, such as vehicle make and model, faces, weapons, dangerous movements or behaviors, and other artificial intelligence-based applications. Over time, the system can be trained to find new objects as police agencies identify new crime-fighting needs.

The live video analytics improve officer awareness of their surroundings, increasing officer safety and efficiency. This increased awareness also improves public safety, reducing the amount of time to address live police incidents and lessening the likelihood of potentially dangerous interactions between the public and law enforcement. 

Serving as a digital evidence hub, the Focus H1 consolidates digital evidence from multiple sources, including up to six HD quality cameras, body cameras, and other sources. Tested to tough military environmental standards and equipped with redundant drives, the Focus H1 operates in hot and cold climates and preserves back-up copies of all evidence.

It is also fully integrated with existing DVMS and COMMAND digital evidence management software suites.