WIX Filters is launching a smart air filter monitor, Senzit. Senzit will monitor, in real-time, the air filter status for each individual piece of equipment to reduce unnecessary filter maintenance. 

With the aid of real-time monitoring technology, companies can avoid damaged filters that contribute to engine failure; with the Senzit mobile app and web portal, users can quickly view service needs of their entire fleet from a single portal. The device also tracks operating engine hours of each connected vehicle.

Additionally, Senzit includes GPS technology to help users track their equipment, allowing them to view last known location and activities, and even aide in theft recovery situations. Senzit mounts to the air filter housing to collect data and the cellular network to transmit the data to the cloud. 

Similar to an air filter housing in both texture and durability, Senzit’s hardware is produced using high performance, injection-molded thermoplastic to house 10 sensors. The smart filter monitor is designed and field-tested to survive harsh environments.