EchoMaster has expanded its line of Pro Blind Spot Avoidance Systems to include the Ford Transit. The system's turn signal triggers activate lane change assistance cameras, providing a full view of dangerous blind spots and reducing the risk of costly accidents. The system also activates upon reversing, maintaining the factory reverse camera function. An optional front camera can be manually activated by the driver at will, and is automatically triggered on the OE display when the vehicle goes below 6 mph to assist when parking. 

The system includes perfect-fit camera/mirror caps and integrates directly into the OEM display. Using advanced technology, the Ford Transit Blind Spot System replaces the existing trim on the vehicle’s mirrors. These Stealth Side View Mirror Cameras provide a seamless, OEM-quality finish. The system offers a factory-like finish, integration into existing media consoles, and a reliable design backed by a 3-year warranty.