SoundOff Signal has expanded its mpower product line to include an extremely thin, high-powered premium hightbar complete with first-generation material technology. SoundOff collaborated with Dow Corning, a specialist in silicones and silicon-based technology based in Farmington, Mich., to create a first-generation optical design called ClearDuty Technology. In addition to providing a powerful, head-on and off-angle illumination, ClearDuty Technology withstands punishing use and the duration of brutal weather conditions.

ClearDuty technology provides a molded one-piece housing and optic design that delivers a number of sustaining advantages over conventional polycarbonate optical light lenses, including a small footprint with maximized candela output, greater resistance to gravel pitting, scratching or cracking, improved sealing to prevent water from entering the light, and higher UV and thermal stability to prevent lens yellowing over time.

In addition to its unique material technology, the mpower lightbar also provides a number of unique features

  • At only one inch tall, the mpower lightbar is 50% sleeker than leading competitive lightbars
  • Despite its compact size, the mpower lightbar provides brighter output than comparable 48-inch models
  • Inboard and corner light modules were designed to be continuous to eliminate lighting gaps
  • Alley lights can be configured in single, dual or tri-colors in order to maximize intersection awareness
  • mpower is the only lightbar equipped with a standard photocell at no additional charge; the photocell automatically dims the lightbar at night while still meeting SAE Class I requirements.