The Bobcat V723 VersaHANDLER Telescopic Tool Carrier features extended reach, the Power Quick-Tach attachment mounting system, and greater lift capacity in the 7,000 to 8,000-lb. size class. With boom pivot, the machine has steel reinforcement; protection for important parts, such as the lift cylinder; and brackets to help reduce stress on the machine's boom, pivot point, and chassis.

To protect the machine's lifespan, Bobcat designed an enclosed engine compartment to help keep out dust and debris. The radiator, oil cooler, and intake air coolers are mounted side by side, helping to improve efficiency and create consistent cooling ability.

Other protection features include:

  • Fine mesh intake screen to help prevent large debris from entering the engine basket and plugging the radiator.
  • Diesel fuel contained in a durable, rust-free polypropylene tank to minimize condensation and contamination of the fuel system.
  • Battery run-down protection that automatically shuts down after the predetermined time and voltage level, preventing accidental battery discharge.
  • Machine shutdown protection system to continuously monitor engine coolant, hydraulic oil, engine oil, and other vital machine functions.
  • Optional window guards to protect drivers from falling and flying debris.

The V723 comes with three steering modes, front wheel, all-wheel, and crab steering. It also has three travel mode options, 2-speed, speed management, and inching control.

Bobcat's specially designed combustion chambers minimize particulate matter low enough that a diesel particulate filter isn't needed for Tier 4 compliance.